Getting Started

Race Fees:

ABA Application: $45 for one year, $40 second memeber, $35 for third or more family memeber

Single Point $10, double point $25, triple point $35

All bicycles are welcome at the PIKES PEAK BMX track for practice and learning to ride. The track is currently open at all times and everyone must help take care of it . Don’t be shy! BMX racers and fans are friendly people. Please ask any racer or parent if you have any questions or need help getting started. Everyone with a good attitude is welcome at PIKES PEAK BMX. Eventually you will want to get a style of BMX bike that is normally used for ABA racing. BMX bikes are available at several bike shops in Colorado Springs, by mail order, or on the Internet. It’s not necessary to spend a lot of money to try BMX racing (see if a friend will let you borrow a bike to try it out). Regardless of what kind of bicycle you use, it must be safe and ready:

ppbmx_first_straight1.Make sure all bolts are tight – especially your axle bolts and stem bolts.
2.All reflectors must be removed for safety purposes.
3.Pegs, kickstands, and any other safety hazards must be removed.
4.Your bike needs the three required pads (a) covering the crossbar of your handlebars (b) covering the handlebar stem (or gooseneck) and (c) on the top tube of your frame.
5.You’ll also need a number plate for racing. We can supply you with a temporary plate when you sign up.

Next, there are certain requirements for what you will need to wear in order to race. When you first start out racing BMX, think cheap. You don’t need a fancy uniform – jeans and a long sleeve shirt will do.
1.Long sleeve shirt
2.Long pants
3.A helmet, preferably a “full-face” style
4.Sneakers are just fine. DO NOT wear any type of open-toe shoe or sandal

It is the racer’s and their parents’ responsibility to check the condition of their bicycles and equipment. The operators of the PIKES PEAK BMX track, the City of Colorado Springs, and other persons ARE NOT responsible for checking your equipment. Bring your water bottle! It’s extremely important for racers (and spectators) to keep hydrated. Soda pop DOES NOT hydrate your body. PARENT HINT: A shade umbrella is a good idea for afternoon activities. Your first race is Free at Pikes Peak BMX, however a membership will be need for furture events. This membership provides certain levels of insurance (check with the ABA) and supports BMX racing. You can join at the track on race day or you can get an application through the Internet link below. Please print the application, fill it out and bring it to the track and we’ll process it for you. If under 18, your parent must accompany you and sign the waiver.